dominica lotto results

dominica lotto results

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The runner up and winner of the 2nd prize of AED 100,000 (1.8 million rupees) was Binu Gopinathan, also from India with ticket number 058151.

The premise of Weather Lottery is simple though it may seem confusing at first – simply choose seven numbers based on the celsius temperature, but list only the fraction of a degree. So, if you think the temperature in Sydney will be 29.8C, you will choose the number 8 for that city. Then move on to the next one. Your ticket string could easily read 6, 6, 7, 4, 9, 6, 6. That is an unusual format, but organisers say players will get used to it as it is similar to the postcode lotteries in other countries (which don’t work down under because their postcode strings are so short and not particularly specific).

The undisputed king of the Indian lottery industry is still as hungry as it was 48 years ago, hovering on Triplicane in Chennai, peddling 100 Haryana lottery tickets-a rupee and a prize of 100,000 rupees-on a bicycle in the sultry morning. .

India's rehearsal to celebrate Navy Day "hangs in the air" resembles an American blockbuster

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