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CybersecurityVenture also estimates that there will be 3.5 million cybersecurity-related job vacancies by 2021. Robert Herjavec of Herjavec Group further emphasized the extreme lack of cyber security skills. He said to a large number of freshmen:The curre

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The passion for numbers and codes made Jack transfer to New York University in order to accept the job. In 1999, the Internet boom swept the West Coast of the United States. After Yahoo and Amazon went public, their valuations exceeded 100 million U.S. do

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How to get bitcoin gold after the fork

On August 2, 2016, a developer under the pseudonym TomElvisJedusor (Voldemort of Harry Botry) published a text file on the Bitcoin Development Forum outlining the early version of the MimbleWimble protocol. Its purpose is to implement this blockchain desi

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When it seems that MR>MC, the actual situation is this: I bought a unit of "medicine", a unit of "sickness information", and obtained a new product "cold cure". I can only get the product when I am sick (the drug is not ef

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Email scam bitcoin

Sigma prime, lighthouse development team of Ethereum 2.0 client, released lighthouse v1.0.3. This version solves the timeout problem of synchronous eth1 deposits. Officials expect this to be the final version of the main network and advise all users to up

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