Long-term bitcoin

CGEx Co-governance Exchange focuses on building an innovative and incentive-based exchange that integrates co-construction, co-governance, and sharing. Through co-construction, the value acquisition of CGC (CGEx Token) is realized and the responsibility o

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Bitcoin payment

Individuals still look forward to the emergence of central bank digital currency, which may accelerate the development of the blockchain economy. Because in fact most economic activities do not need to evade supervision. Imagine that if we write a blog po

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Current Bitcoin value

Concerns about platform defaults and high interest rates have also prompted a general change in peoples views on options. Sit further added that if the price of cryptocurrencies does not recover as quickly as the decline on Black Thursday in March, then s

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How to trade Bitcoin Cash

The yield on short-term Treasury bonds is currently 5%, so when lending BTC to startups, we should seek yields above 22%. The current superficial analysis may be unfair to BlockFi. Many people believe that Blockfis loans are not purely unsecured loans.The

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Buy bitcoin

But the actual situation is more complicated. Because the difficulty of mining, which is closely related to mining revenue, is not static, the difficulty of mining will change with the change of the whole network, and the adjustment period is about 12 day

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