Bitcoin payment

Individuals sBitcoin paymenttill look forward to the emergence of central bank digital currency, which may accelerate the development of the blockchain economy. Because in fact most economic activities do not need to evade supervision. Imagine that if we write a blog post on steem, we can automatically obtain the central bank's digital currency based on actions such as likes, that is the real universal currency and wealth.

In May 2018, the CoinGeek Hong Kong Conference was held, and major mining pools, exchanges, and developers came to Hong Kong to celebrate the first anniversary of BCH, and to participate in the "exciting" development of BCH in the past year. founder RogerVer, Lebit mining pool founder Jiang Zhuoer, and BCH core developer Jiang Jiazhi took a group photo at the event site, representing public opinion, mining pools and development respectively, celebrating the first anniversary of the birth of Bitcoin Cash.

However, the new change worth paying attention to is that the number of Ant S9 series miners has surged this week. After the halving, the proportion of S9 computing power once dropped to 18%, and has now returned to 32%. In addition, according to CryptoQuant miner position data, the willingness of miners to sell bitcoin is reduced, and most miners are in the wait-and-see stage of holding coins, which shows that miners' pressure is at least decreasing.

AMP: According to Osuntokun, AMP stands for Atomic Multipath Payments. This technology has brought a huge improvement in the usability of the Lightning Network. AMP allows users to send payment fragments through multiple public channels on the network instead of routing along a single channel on the network. In addition, as c-lightning developer RustyRussell pointed out, AMP can also have a bill splitting function that allows users to make Lightning Network payments to a single party from multiple different sources.

According to the provisions of Article 47 of the "Law on the Application of Foreign-related Civil Legal Relations": unjust enrichment and management without cause, the applicable law selected by the parties shall be applied. If the parties have no choice, the law of the place where the parties have common habitual residence shall apply; if there is no place of common habitual residence, the law of the place where unjust enrichment and unreasonable management occurs shall apply.

I have seen a large number of articles on the Internet saying that ransomware such as WannaCry and CryptoLocker choose Bitcoin because Bitcoin transactBitcoin paymentions cannot be traced, but this statement is more partial. Bitcoin is essentially a distributed account. In this book, everyone can find their transaction information through the blackmailed Bitcoin address like the author, so Bitcoin is traceable.

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