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Concerns about platform defaults and high interest rates have also prompted a general change in people's views on options. Sit further added that if the price of cryptocurrencies does not recover as quicklyCurrent Bitcoin value as the decline on Black Thursday in March, then some lending platforms will go bankrupt and fail to meet their obligations. He added: Worrying about this real systemic risk is a key factor that motivates people to shift their interest from encrypted credit to encrypted options.

EthanVera, the operator of the North American LuxorMiningpool mining pool, told Decrypt last month: Miners tend to borrow more than North American miners. If their income tends to be used to repay the cost of debt, even the cheapest electricity in the world will not help.

Toomim also mentioned that CTOR can improve block propagation speed, and Graphene protocol can achieve great performance optimization. BitcoinABC developer Jason Cox pointed out that while processing very large blocks, the failure rate of compact blocks (compactblocks) will increase.

However, after the birth of BCH, the difficulty of adjusting the difficulty of BTC and BCH in two weeks caused the difficulty of mining of BTC and BCH to not be adjusted in time with changes in relative income. When BCH is more profitable, all computing power flocks to BCH, and the block generation time is greatly shortened under the same difficulty. When BTC is more profitable, all computing power flocks to BTC, and the time of BCH block generation is greatly extended. This situation causes the block generation time of BTC and BCH to deviate by 10 minutes, which is fast and slow. BCH prices are low and volatility is particularly high.

Comparing the Google Trends search data, we can find that compared to the sharp rise and fall in January 2018, the rise in the April-June period of this year is very different in the search data: last year, Bitcoin climbed to $20,000 for the first time. , Which caused the first time that the whole society paid attention to Bitcoin, a digital cryptocurrency. It scored 100 points in the data graph, and the highest value of this year's data was only 20, that is, compared with the peak in 2018 20%, the bull market has not returned.

ThCurrent Bitcoin valueis week, MoneyControl reported that some of India’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges are also considering challenging the Reserve Bank of India’s Supreme Court order. According to reports, startups like Unocoin, Coinsecure and Zebpay have expressed their reservations about the order, and they are considering legal proceedings in the Supreme Court. Coinsecure revealed that they are discussing this issue with industry stakeholders such as India's Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Council and India's Internet and Mobile Association.

However, according to the data before the disappearance of the largest drug exchange market Alphabay in July 2017, Alphabay’s daily transaction volume is only 800,000 US dollars, which is equivalent to the 858 billion US dollars transferred by Bitcoin on the chain in 2017. Compared with its assets, it is only less than four ten thousandths of its total annual transaction volume.

Since the beginning of this month, as Bitcoin's largest bifurcation coin and the fourth-ranked market capitalization BCH bifurcation date (November 16, 2018, 0:40, block height) approaching, the representatives of both parties of the bifurcation— —Wu Jihan and Ao Bencong (CSW) have a very lively war of words, and for a time supporters from all sides have also expressed their views, including RogerVer who supports Wu Fang’s Bit Jesus and the Coingeek Mine who supports CSW Billionaire Calvin Ayre, founder of the pool.

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