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But the actual situation is more complicated. Because the difficulty of mining, which is closely related to mining revenue, is not static, the difficulty of mining will change with the change of the whole network, and the adjustment period is about 12 days. As the difficulty of mining increases, mining revenue will drop shBuy bitcoinarply. When the mining difficulty increases by 3%, the investor's 10TH/s cloud computing power leased by Bitdeer will return to zero within 120 days.

Holding dividends: Dobby trading platform will take a snapshot of the user's MCC assets at 6 a.m. (GMT+) every day. Users who hold an MCC of at least 500 can participate in the dividend. The number of MCCs the user receives = the user owns The available balance of MCC is X0.1%. The dividend-sharing MCC will be locked and frozen for 30 days, and the MCC during the locked-up period will not participate in the dividend.

The Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) 1011, known as HybridCasperFFG (FriendlyFinalityGadget for short), will implement the first step from energy-intensive mining to a more energy-efficient method in a long-term plan—minting.

Multi-signature also played a role. New escrow companies such as Casa (not the investment institution CastleIsland) use a 3/5 multi-signature mechanism, in which 4 private keys scattered in different places are controlled by users, and the remaining private key is held by Casa To prepare for future troubles. In this way, the difficulty and cost of attacking Bitcoin holders will be much higher, while at the same time it is convenient and fault-tolerant (if the hardware wallet is lost, seedless recovery can also be achieved). The security key sharing provided by Bitcoin has fundamentally reshaped the custody method and has spawned various innovative hybrid models that can compromise flexibility and autonomy to varying degrees.

The 312 bitcoin circuit breaker has a profound impact on the Asian digital currency circle, and many early believers have been defeated. After all, for such a small amount of funds in the digital currency circle, Wall Street can easily capture it. Then the rest is very simple. The war will only end when most of the early Asian investors hand over their bloody chips.

Coincheck also confirmed that they will continue to operate instead oBuy bitcoinf filing for bankruptcy. This is almost in stark contrast to Mt.Gox's handling of hacking behaviors and its handling of affected users; there are still many people waiting for Mt.Gox to repay the losses suffered by the hacking in 2014. After the hacking incident, the dust finally settled, and the market's response to it was unexpected.

From the perspective of Bitcoin's transaction volume per second, Ethereum's operations are better than Bitcoin. The maximum transaction volume of Ethereum is 20 transactions per second, which is almost three times that of Bitcoin. However, in essence, the blockchain of Ethereum is much busier than the blockchain of Bitcoin, because it can not only be used as a payment system, but it can also implement decentralized applications (dapp) and first-time coins. Issuance (ICO). The vast majority of ICOs rely on Ethereum, and the token sale will suddenly bring a lot of traffic to the Ethereum network, which will further slow down the transaction speed of the entire network. Therefore, such a busy Ethereum will need a scaling solution that can be adjusted to meet its needs, which seems to be normal but not too much. In fact, Ethereum has several different solutions, but one of them is particularly worthy of our attention: Raiden.

Most of Zcash's key development resources are focused on ensuring the safety of Overwinter in June, while preparing for the next hard fork version of Sapling. The next hard fork will bring greater changes, while accelerating the transaction rate of the network, without compromising the good privacy that you already have.

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