Bitcoin's future 2018

Jakub was the first to propose to build our own hydroponic system. Soon thereafter, we successfully implemented this idea and gained support from the ParallelPolis communiBitcoin's future 2018ty, which allowed us to put our first system in the main column of BitcoinCoffee from the beginning.

This week, a New York judge also dismissed a class action lawsuit filed by investors against the developers of the altcoin Nano (XRB). This class-action lawsuit alleges that Nano’s core development team violated US securities laws and misrepresented the security of the Italian cryptocurrency exchange BitGrail. In February of this year, approximately 17 million XRBs (approximately US$187 million at the time) were stolen from the exchange.

What happened is self-evident. Liu Changyong, director of the Blockchain Economic Research Center of Chongqing Technology and Business University (also an ABC supporter), said that the hash rate cut from is equivalent to the sum of the hash rate of the entire BCH network yesterday. Therefore, the ABC chain has an advantage in computing power.

In the second half of the year, Wall Street’s goal is to mine pools. Each game requires specific rule makers and different participants so that the game can continue. I am not very worried about the long-term share price of the mining machine. After all, Bitcoin will definitely rise, but the gatekeeper of the game no longer belongs to the mining machine company.

The Bitcoin community is currently the most successful self-organization. Even after several drops of more than 80% and hundreds of deaths by mainstream media, it still runs tenaciously. The influx of Bitcoin mining to keep accounts for the system is still in an endless stream. Although developers have disputes over the expansion plan, the application of technology such as the Lightning Network has also ushered in explosive growth. In addition, Bitcoin has never lacked loyal fans. Maybe one day, Bitcoin may really subvert the global monetary system. If Bitcoin really rises to 1 million, don’t be surprised, because behind it is a self-organization that can inflate infinitely, and it is only a tenth. Year-old boy, don't underestimate it.

Circle said that after acquiring Poloniex, it will support Poloniex in terms of customer service and technical operations. Connecting Poloniex with Circle's existing CircleTrade, CirclePay and other services makes PolonieBitcoin's future 2018x compatible with currencies such as U.S. dollars, euros, and pounds sterling, and will eventually become an open multilateral market based on blockchain for multiple asset and service transactions. Circle promises to maintain Poloniex's existing services so that Poloniex users can conduct normal transactions.

However, at the end of 2017, Li Qiwei sold all the Litecoin in his hand and donated the money from the sale. Later, he posted that selling coins does not mean that he will withdraw from the Litecoin community. In the future, he will work hard for the development of Litecoin. In 2018, Li Qiwei joined HTC as a development consultant for its blockchain mobile phone.

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