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Bitcoin price volatility has soared again and returned to the peak level at the end of the 17-year bull market. Compared with the rare high volatility of the Dow Jones Volatility Index (CBOEVXDIndex), Bitcoin market trading sentiment has returned to the logic of conventional investment. The measure of heat leBitcoin profit calculatorvel.

On Monday, Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, announced that its users can now directly conduct currency transactions. At the same time, Bitcoin suddenly rose sharply yesterday, with a maximum increase of 11%. As of press time, the transaction price is about 3,500 US dollars, but it is now the highest in history set by Bitcoin on December 17, 2017 (December 18, Beijing time) The record-$20,000-just the first anniversary.

The SinoCapital report also pointed out that some of the smartest and most successful traders in the country are usually the lowest-key. This is why no one has publicly talked about buying Tether so far; this is not because Bitfinex/Tether is investing unsecured USDT The market, but because those who trade Tether don't want anyone (mostly regulators) to know.

Elliptic's report shows that N95 masks are sold on various dark web black markets. Most suppliers accept BTC payments, but other suppliers also accept digital assets such as LTC and XMR. The black market Bitbazaar and Argartha also accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for medical supplies

"Now 16,000 people have participated." Eric Meltzer, a partner of the Primitive Fund in an exclusive interview with Blockbeats, said he was one of the initiators of this game. "I have always liked to play alternative reality games, such as the old Cicada3301. I have also been looking forward to using Bitcoin to hunt for treasure."

From the point of view of holdings, a single day increased holdings of 12,000 BTC, about 800 million US dollars, and the strength of the bulls is very strong. In 2020, Q3 grayscale digital asset investment totals 500 million US dollars, a record high. The Bitcoin Trust Fund (GBTC) premium currently reaches 41%, a record high in nearly a year. These data all show that the long demand for BTC is still strong. Even with a short-term correBitcoin profit calculatorction, the probability of continuing the upward trend in the future is still very high.

The first phase of the event "The collision of sharding and cross-sharding communication technology" was successfully concluded on September 20. This event specially invited two core members of the cutting-edge team in the field of blockchain sharding as guests: PrestonVanLoon, co-founder of the Ethereum sharding protocol team PrysmaticLab, and Jia Yaoqi, co-founder of the public blockchain platform Zilliqa. From the basic design of the sharding, to the specific implementation, and then to the future direction, with the interweaving and collision of ideas, igniting the spark of knowledge and wisdom, the two guests and the host will take you to decrypt the sharding password.

Third, ICO distorted the incentive mechanism of blockchain entrepreneurial teams. The secondary market of tokens allows the tokens held by the blockchain entrepreneurial team to quickly have a channel for monetization. At this time, the blockchain entrepreneurial project may still remain at the stage of the white paper. In contrast, in the venture capital industry, entrepreneurs have a much longer time between obtaining venture capital investment and IPO. The rapid realization mechanism of ICO will distort the incentive mechanism of the blockchain entrepreneurial team. Token holders are often in a relatively vague position in the governance structure of blockchain entrepreneurial projects, and lack effective measures to ensure that the entrepreneurial team remains consistent with their own interests for a long time.

In terms of block time, due to the drop in hash rate, Bitcoin's block time has risen to the highest level since the end of 2018 (excluding around March 12, 2020, due to the sudden drop in Bitcoin price and subsequent Kazakhstan With the decrease in the rate of hope, the block interval during this period of time has increased sharply).

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