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CGEx Co-governance Exchange focuses on building an innovative and incentive-based exchange that integrates co-construction, co-governance, and sharing. Through co-construction, the value acquisition of CGC (CGEx Token) is realized and the responsibility of everyone in community construction is promoted; Long-term bitcoinit is promoted through co-governance The joint participation of community members realizes community governance assistance; through the sharing of CGEx fee dividend rights and CGC circulation, CGEx community resources are platformed!

We have reported on Cobra's crazy actions many times. It can be said that this anonymous figure is untrustworthy in the eyes of BCH and the Bitcoin community. He is a controversial figure, why do you say that? Because he had called for the revision of the Bitcoin white paper; he also believed that PoW (Proof of Work) was too centralized and hoped to modify the consensus algorithm of Bitcoin; in just a few months, he changed from a Bitcoin enthusiast who hated BCH to A BCH supporter. This pile of pieces caused the Bitcoin community to have a great suspicion of him and asked him to give up the ownership of Bitcoin.org.

NEO is very similar to Ethereum in a sense. It provides a blockchain service platform on which users can run decentralized applications, execute smart contracts, and conduct ICOs. Therefore, running NEO in the same way requires a special off-chain expansion solution that is consistent with the TheMatrix theme, which is called Trinity.

In addition, 47% of women believe that it is the time to buy Bitcoin because they believe that the price of Bitcoin will only rise. Relatively speaking, only 39% of men hold the same idea. It is worth noting that 63% of women agree that the possibility of buying BTC in smaller units is a compelling reason to join the industry, and 56% of men think so.

Daniel: Our solution is cross-chain lossless acceptance. We hope that in the future, acBTC will be anchored to BTC instead of BTC’s USD pricing. Simply put, at any time, you give me a native BTC and I give you an acBTC. The reverse is also true.

When Token is transferred between different addresses in the blockchain, the total amount of Token will not change. Token transactions do not rely on centralized trusted institutions. Transaction confirmation and distributed ledger update are completed simultaneously, and there is no settlement risk. However, many blockchains can only guarantee settlement finality in the sense of probability because of the possibility of forking, although the probability can tend to 100% over time. Blockchain is subject to the ternary paradox: no blockchain can have the three characteristics of accuracy, decentralization and cost efficiency Long-term bitcoinat the same time. In particular, the higher the degree of decentralization of the blockchain, the lower the efficiency, and the efficiency is concentrated in the number of Token transactions (transaction per second, TPS) that can be supported per second. For example, Bitcoin supports up to 6 transactions per second.

The first block of Bitcoin is called the genesis block, which was mined by Satoshi Nakamoto on January 3, 2009 UTC time. All subsequent blocks are transmitted layer by layer through the hash value of the block header and can be traced to the genesis block. The block height of the genesis block is 0, so it is also called block 0.

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