Bitcoin price surge

Bitcoin has been facing a small correction since it hit a high of $16500 a few days ago, according to bitcoin on November 15. As of the time of this writing, bitcoin has fallen to $16000, down from $15700 on Saturday morning. Analysts fear the decline is the start of a stronger downward trend. But according to Willy woo, a well-known chain analyst, there iBitcoin price surges no big reason to worry. He does admit that bitcoin's short-term technical indicators are bearish, and that on the eight hour chart, bitcoin's relative strength index shows a four hour bearish deviation. However, he added, what's really important is that bitcoin's on chain fundamentals are still bullish. Woo highlighted two on chain trends: 1) the increase in the number of bitcoin sent to customers' wallets from exchanges; 2) the increase in the number of new and active users of bitcoin networks.

According to the currency world market, as of today's 18:00, the top three net capital inflows are BTC (+ 7.0851 million US dollars), ETH (+ 2.7889 million US dollars) and LTC (+ 978200 US dollars); the top three net capital outflows are XRP (- 10.9143 million US dollars), XmR (- 1.7516 million US dollars) and XLM (- 1.3636 million US dollars). -More capital flow, fast on the currency world, click the market to see the flow of funds.

Please do not purchase ousd on uniswap or sushiswap as Treasury deposits have been cancelled, the official warned. In addition, the team said officials would not leave and the incident was not a fraud or an internal one.

The contract uses the from controller function_ The fromjar contract transfers a certain amount of ptoken, but since the fromjar contract is the address controlled by the attacker, the transferred ptoken here is the attacker's counterfeit currency. At the same time, because the contract from_ The token obtained from the fromjar contract is Dai. Then the contract will judge whether the funds in the contract are enough for exchange. If not, a certain amount of tokens will be redeemed from the strategy pool and transferred to the controller contract. In this attack, the Dai in the contract is not enough for exchange. At this time, the contract will propose insufficient shares from the strategy pool to make up for the 20 million Dai set by the attacker.

BTC reached 18900 usdt in the early morning, and then began to fluctuate and fall back, with a minimum of 18532.40 usdt. Most of the mainstream currencies rose. BTC was at 18635.87 usdt, down 0.78% within the day.

According to the block, United Overseas Bank, Singapore's third-largest bank, appears to be developing a crypto hosting solution. The bank has created a position of vice president, encryption security administrator, for expert advice on how to design a security solution for encryption key management. This work includes managing the installation of the hardware security module (HSM), establishing a centralized key management solution, maintaining encryption keys, and other responsibilities. Applicants should have a clear understanding and experience of HSM equipment, encryption standards, password key generation and management, and payment network standards (including tokBitcoin price surgeen). This shows that UOB's encryption escrow program is still in its infancy, and the bank currently has no other encryption related vacancies. For now, the bank declined to comment.

In the morning of November 17, intotheblock, a blockchain analysis company, tweeted that 80% of Ethereum's currency holding addresses were profitable,

According to okex statistics, the current total market value of the project is 15.76 billion US dollars, and the total lock up volume is 17.79 billion US dollars;

On November 13, barnbridge (bond) announced that it would start the third pledge pool hodl on November 16, allowing users to pledge bond to obtain bond token rewards.

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