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Skybridge capital, a leading US hedge fund, filed an amendment with the SEC on November 13 seeking to allow its $3.6 billion fund to start investing in bitcoin. Anthony scaramucci, founder of skybridge capital, a former White House communications director, has repeatedly said he is optimistic about digital assets and blockchain. It is understood that skybridge capital is a global alternative investment institution, mainly engaged in Multi Strategy hybcoindesk bitcoinrid funds of hedge fund products, customizing independent account portfolio and hedge fund solutions to meet the needs of a wide range of market participants from individual investors to large institutions. At present, its total assets under management exceed 12 billion US dollars.

During the same period, the number of active addresses on Ethereum chain was 2.7367 million, down 5% month on month; the number of new addresses was 978700, down 34.57% month on month; the transaction volume on the chain was 25491800 eth, up 10.01% month on month; the total number of erc20 tokens was 295364, with a month on month increase of 3103.

C. has confirmed the adoption of chainlink as the main price predictor solution for all cream markets. Chainlink is providing c.r.e.a.m. with Ethereum main network price data, including the following eth pricing markets: link, comp, yfi, busd, usdt, usdc, uni and AAVE.

Meanwhile, the total position of gray LTC trust was 786474ltc, an increase of 2.01%. In addition, gray BCH trust and etc trust reduced their holdings by 0.01% for two consecutive days.

According to the Korean press, the amendment to the tax law was passed by the Korean parliament on December.

Lock in currency products are the mainstream digital asset earning products launched by Huo coin mining pool. They are divided into two types: usdcoindesk bitcoint and BTC,

According to Wu, according to the blockchain news, the card freeze tide in Dongguan in June was recently unfrozen by some people who frozen the card. The freeze lasted for about half a year, including some cryptocurrency miners. At the beginning of June, a large number of bankcards of people in the currency circle were frozen, and there were more than thousands of cards in the market. The freezing party is Dongguan police, suspected to be a large OTC business involving in Telecom fraud money laundering cases, and then a large amount of black money spread.

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