Bitcoin faucet instant payment

According to whallealert data, at 18:48 Beijing time on November 20, tether issBitcoin faucet instant paymentued 120 million additional usdts on Ethereum network. The transaction hash is 0x92351d93518fa22cc2345e870ed80bd119a07947444606d2607129f3afb6ee336.

According to the special analysts of ourbit integrated platform, the public opinion of BTC contract is optimistic, with the long view accounting for 62%, the short view accounting for 14%, and the wait-and-see attitude accounting for 24%. Please pay attention to the operational risk.

1. The total value of the global digital money market is 566.070 billion US dollars (- 2.17%), and the 24-hour trading volume is US $63735 billion (+ 9.48%).

2. The loon / usdt market will be opened at 16:00 on December 11, and the loon / BTC market will be opened at 17:00 on December 11;

Hotcoin global has completed the new version and upgrade at 8:00 on December 3, 2020. Users can go to the official website and download the app for experience. This upgrade covers web, Android, IOS, H5, etc. The new version of hotcoin global has been upgraded in terms of function modules and interactive experience. The contents of this new upgrade include:

210000 pieces are exchanged in uniswap. The 210000 pieces are locked in the warehouse for three years, and 1.68 million raciBitcoin faucet instant paymentng cars are mined out. In the strongest deflation model, the output is reduced once for every 168000 pieces produced. 50% of the RPO consumed by the behaviors on the chain is destroyed, and the remaining 50% is allocated to stacking.

Instead of relying on users to provide liquidity as traditional trading platforms do, defi protocols like uniswap use an equation that automatically determines the value of tokens based on demand. In addition, the main advantage of defi over centralized financing (cefi) is to control its own financial assets, and the ease of use and security of the defi protocol will continue to improve. Finally, given the growing global distrust of central institutions, the user base of defi will continue to soar, far exceeding the current 500000 users in the future.

According to whalert data, 95019.68 eth were transferred from the unknown wallet at the beginning of 0xedf1 to the unknown wallet at the beginning of 0xb980 at 10:16, Beijing time, with a value of about US $51.6619 million at the current price. The transaction hash is: 0xe336e1770a669c99a78dd3fa7eaf02cc2e4fe0e6e771c6f00902e3cef9be2e7.

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